Smooth Interface Is Our Business

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Has your website gone stale? We can cook you up a new one super fast built on a popular content management system. We're also experts in doing strictly front end development for clients or agencies that are BYOD. (bring your own design)

We like the websites and web applications we build to be clean, easy to use, and responsive. In our minds this improves usability, mobile compatibility, and provides a clear direction for the user. Our approach is to find out how you would like the user to interact with your website and maintain that focus. We also hate re-inventing the wheel. If your project calls for an application or service that's already been built, we integrate the latest and the greatest and save you money.

Our Tools of Choice

We like to use Twitter's Bootstrap framework for our front end development. We don't rely on the pre-made styling (buttons, colors, etc), but we do enjoy using the scaffolding and out-of-the-box responsive nature of the framework. Our coding approach relies on the use of CSS3 styling, HTML5, and jQuery. We also take into account older browsers up to IE9 to ensure maximum compatibility.

For website projects, our CMS of choice is ExpressionEngine by EllisLab. However, we have vast experience in the use of Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and many other CMS options. We like to use the right tool for the job, so the CMS selection usually depends on what the needs are.

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