Top Web Design Trends for 2016 and Beyond

by Andrew Larson
Published 3-14-2016

The web design industry is always changing with trends that come and go. According to website design experts there won't be any big changes in 2016. Some current trends will increase, and some others will fade away. Here's some of what you can expect to see more of in 2016.

Website design trends will lean towards more natural photography, material design, personalized UX, micro-interactions, more infographics and data visualization, and animations. Ready to add those elements to your website?

Natural photography is key to any good website design. The images jump out at you and keep you coming back. This new trend will continue to increase during the next few years. Gone are the days of stock photos and generic images that are boring to look at and have been over-utilized. Is your website ready for bold colors, sharper pictures, and images that connect with your customer on a deep personal level?

People connect with pictures in their lives. It may remind them of a happy memory or bring them closer to an idea. It may spark interest and really inspire someone.

Personalized UX means that your content will adapt to individual customers instead of being good for the majority of people. It will involve a storytelling aspect that will envelope the web browser into an experience. It will include smart micro-interactions that sized and formed properly to be the most effective. Triggers are set up to determine a micro-interaction and then rules determine what happens. This is great for viewing a status or content message.

Infographics and data visualization will be key to growing your business and utilizing data in an entirely interactive way. Boring graphs will be replaced with exciting representations and easy to understand information. Computer programming software and the use of handheld apps will continue to increase this trend over the next several years.

Animations will no longer just be pleasing to look at on your website They will have unexpected and subtle motion that will enhance the personal experience of your customers. This trend will continue to evolve with smarter and more individualized animations.

Web design trends for the next two years will use high resolution, pictures, videos, and animations as well as create personalized experiences that will change the way consumers surf the web. It will also revolutionize boring nominal websites that simply exist as a contact point. Those pages will become obsolete and new design trends will need to be employed. Don't waste another second with a tired web design and boring landing pages. For more detailed information about web design trends check out: