Tips to Improve Your Web Design

by Andrew Larson
Published 9-2-2015

The internet today is host to billions of websites and blogs which have taken countless man hours of web design and development to produce. Individuals and businesses are coming up with blogs and websites that host different types of content from articles, pictures, and videos

In order to ensure that your website has a constant unique appeal and repeat visitors, you need to engage in various search engine optimization strategies. Blog, web design experts, and web developers use different tactics in order to ensure that the user finds and stays on their websites longer.  

Below are tips to help improve your web design and appeal to your visitors.

Well-designed logo

When it comes to brand recognition the logo stands out prominently, and you need to have a professionally designed logo. To ensure that it stands out more than your competitors, you need to use a talented designer and always use a high resolution image. Often this means using a transparent PNG file that blends well with the background colors.

When positioning the logo, the logo is often placed in the upper left corner or center of the website depending on the designer’s preference. Apart from that, you need to link the logo back to your home page so that when visitors click on it, they will navigate easier to the home page from any point of the website.

Use quality photos

As a blog or website owner, it is important to know that visitors to your sites can sniff out generic photos quickly therefore they will be left with a generic impression of your site. Since your business is not generic, you need to show your visitors by investing in high quality photography.

Startups that are looking to have high traffic to their sites can opt to invest in professional photographers or purchase stock photos from online platforms like Shutter Stock or iStock Photo.

Choose a readable font

Over the years, new fonts have been developed and each font helps to design letters in a certain way. When choosing the right font for your blog or website, you need to keep in mind that visitors will not be viewing your site via laptops only but across different devices. Some fonts may read well on a computer monitor while on mobile devices, they might not. This is because some fonts may scale up or down with ease without losing their look and feel.

If you want to ensure that your site looks professional and appealing, you need to pick a font that is easily readable and has a size of no less 11 pt. If you opt to use cloud hosted web fonts, you want to limit the number of fonts you use otherwise it may decrease the page loading times of your site.

Model every page as a landing page

When visitors visit your website, they don’t start from the same point. Different users use different methods to access your site. New users may access your site via links on other sites or through search engine results. Repeat visitors may find your site by searching on online search engines or via bookmarks set after a previous visit.

This means that not all visits will begin on the homepage. Therefore if you are looking to attract new visitors as well as attract repeat visitors, you need to think of every page as a landing page. That doesn’t mean that every page needs to look like a homepage design, but you’ll want to be sure that key information, navigation, and calls to action are present on all pages.  

Avoid flash

The late Steve Jobs provided his opinion that web browsers and online content providers need to eliminate the use of flash player when delivering content. Flash, the brainchild of Adobe, has been dogged with accusations that it is insecure and therefore putting users in harm’s way when they visit online platforms.

Between June and August 2015, Mozilla developers and Google Chrome developers decided to revoke the use of flash on their web browsers even going to the extent of blocking it. This was due to a security hole that was revealed which allowed cyber criminals to have access to user’s information.

As a web designer who is looking to attract visitors using different browsers to their website, you need to avoid using flash as a method of content delivery.