Targeted Selling Through Social Media and SMS

by Andrew Larson
Published 4-22-2016

Businesses today are helping their customers with SMS-based services. Services like Magic, GoButler, and others are targeting a new market of shoppers. Shopify is joining the conversation with its new platform Shopkey. It is aiming to help its businesses better serve customers via text messaging with a dedicated iOS keyboard application. It offers instant access to a business's product catalog. This is currently a work in progress application that is new to shoppers and businesses alike. Most online customers think the only way to conduct business online is via email and web browsers.

Shopkey has created its own piece of the application market. With a large base of primarily iOS users, they launched it on iOS first, like they frequently do with other mobile app debuts. Shopkey allows business owners to search their entire product catalog right from the keyboard on their smartphone. It can also send links to products and/or product photos directly to customers through any message app they may have on their phone.

Now store owners can directly engage with and sell to customers on any SMS or native messaging application. Further, they can use the mobile software application to post links and photos to social media sites. The SMS links direct you to the merchant's store, which will be set up for easy mobile checkout directly from a smartphone device.

If a sales associate is helping a customer with a question about upcoming inventory, they simply type it in and get relevant search results. Shopkey will automatically convert products into links that redirect consumers to the businesses Shopify online store.

Shopkey allows retailers that use its software to sell products directly through SMS. Shopkey uses social media networks to help garner transactions by demonstrating interest. This is targeted social selling through social media and messaging feeds. Think about what this could do for your business or online store.

Shopkey is integrated with social media platform Buy buttons so that if you are messaging a customer about a product item, you can send them a picture and product that they could instantly buy. This is a two-fold process because you need the instant messaging pictures, photos, and product links, while also having a sales associate on the other end that can facilitate or close the deal so the consumer will press the buy button.

Shopify recognizes that serving a broader audience of mobile customers is key for online businesses to see growth. Customers like shopping on their phones and businesses are adapted to their consumers by providing websites with SMS friendly apps. Shopify recently released a software application called Sello where users can create an online store from their phone. Shopkey is available as a free download in the Itunes store. For more information visit here.

SMS solutions are become more and more commonplace, and there's a hundred different ways to integrate SMS into your websites or web applications. This can improve customer loyalty or just add new and helpful features. Talk with us today if you're interested in adding SMS features to your online presence.