Small Business Owners and Not Trying to Do Everything Themselves

by Andrew Larson
Published 12-11-2015

Small businesses and tech startups are springing up everywhere. The new trend in the US and abroad is to work online from home and other remote locations, so people are starting all kinds of (un)successful product and service based companies. Getting a business started properly is often one of the biggest challenges that an individual will normally face, while another is learning how to effectively operate a small business with assistance from others. Since some business owners tend to want to do it all to minimize their expenses, this is an area of weakness that may eventually have a large adverse impact on the success of the overall operation including the company's website.

With that being said, it is important for both new and seasoned small business owners alike to know how important it is to hire or solicit additional help so that they will not try to do everything themselves. In fact, in the beginning stages, doing every task may be feasible, especially if the tasks that the new owner has to do is limited and manageable. On the other hand, as a small business begins to grow, the owner must have a plan that allows them to outsource their web development, copywriting, design, and marketing to a professional who has the right expertise. So what happens when you try to do everything yourself?

The Quality of the Work Suffers

Because there is not enough time in the day, small business owners who have a lot of responsibilities must be able to manage the projects and tasks that they are responsible for effectively. In some cases, the number of duties that need to be done from day to day can vary greatly from one sector of the business to another. For instance, some business owners may decide to develop their own website, publish it, create their own log design, write the content for their site, and post it for their viewers to read. While keeping these duties in house can save time, it's not always feasible if the owner does not have the proper expertise to get all of the above duties done. However, if business owner finds a person to help them with their activities, they can make sure the site that is being created has the highest quality possible. If not, the site might look ok, but it may not meet the search engine optimization or proper web standards. This can cause issues on mobile devices, negatively effect the performance of the site, reduce search ranking potential, and ultimately drive away customers. 

So What's the Answer?

Most solutions to the technical issues new businesses and startups are not obvious. There are countless services and offers, but how can someone know what direction to go in? The most effective way to approach the issue is to be working with a consultant that intimitely understands the complexities involved in starting a new business. 

And that's where we come in. Webstasy has collected a network of services to handle all of the difficult technical hurdles that new businesses, startups, and even mature businesses all have to overcome. 

Today, small business startups are becoming the norm in many areas of the US and abroad. As these trends continue, it is important for business owners to understand that they cannot do everything including designing an effective website or tackling the marketing challenges that the internet presents. So, it is important for these owners to know how to outsource and delegate specific activities in their businesses so that they can be successful.