SEO & Content – An Outsider’s View

by Andrew Larson
Published 5-17-2015

Our team here at Webstasy love working and living in Chicago. We could spend the rest of this blog post telling you about great places to eat – and the ones to avoid – and where to stay, shop, and walk. We’re enthusiasts about our city. Just like you will be a huge fan of your business.

There’s a difference though. If a stranger asks us where to visit in Chicago, we can provide some great tips. This is the value of an insider’s view. However, this doesn’t always work so well when we’re talking about constructing content and maximizing SEO opportunities for your organization.

This is where an insider’s view can actually be harmful. From inside your business, looking out, there is a danger that you concentrate on the things you want to say. This might be about the history of your business, its products and services, its commitment to customer service and excellence. You might mention awards you have won and experience you have gained.

Yet, through all this, there is a danger that the search engine optimized content you create isn’t talking to your potential customers about what they want to know. Out there, waiting to search, are folks who might gain huge benefit from doing business with you and becoming your customer. However, unless you talk specifically about what they gain by doing so, showing them how you can be of value, they’re likely to go elsewhere.

If you talk, as many businesses do, using an insider’s language – those pieces of jargon and descriptive terms you use by habit – you fail to remember that many potential customers are outsiders who can be either confused or deterred by this. Committing such faults (and it’s usually simply by the accident of always being inside your business) can hamper the content you create, whether for your website, marketing campaigns, or social media activities, from being as effective as it should be.

Here at Webstasy in Chicago, we’re happy to deliver all our SEO and web development skills to your business, while also providing that valuable outsider’s eye view to prevent your company from being too inward-focused. To find out how we can help, take the next step and contact us today.