How Minimalist Designs Can Stand Out Above the Rest

by Katie Walker
Published 7-24-2016

You've likely already used a number of minimalist sites but didn't realize it. You probably just kept thinking to yourself, 'This site is really easy to use!'. One of the good things about minimalist themes is they keep it simple. There are many other great reasons why using minimalist WordPress themes is good for web design. But let us look at the core reasons why you should go for minimalist themes when designing your WordPress blog or business website.

Pages Will Load Faster

Many of the WordPress themes you can get your hands on have lots of junk. Think of what happens when you get rid of all this junk; your website will load faster! Those with a slow internet connection or using a mobile device will be the first ones to thank you. With a minimalist theme, it eliminates bloat typically found in WordPress design to keep it simple. Every extra image, extra JavaScript inline, and stylesheet together with every embedded application slow down a site both on the server and user end. With minimalist themes, you get rid of all those extras. Rendering a bloated non-minimalist theme is a heavy load for a typical web browser. It downloads the theme with all that extra material in it then parses thousands of lines of HTML and CSS to put everything in place for the end user. With a minimalist theme, you avoid all the extraneous material to make a browser take very little time like fractions of seconds to render a web page. People using older computers, mobile phones and first generation tablets and netbooks will not be slowed down as much. People hate blogs which take a long time to load, they may even leave before it finishes loading and not follow on the internal link to save on time. So to keep a blog running fast in such cases, try using a minimalist WordPress theme.

A Better Look and Feel

With their cleaner, simpler designs, minimalist themes can look and feel better than heavily loaded, complex designs. A complex theme may look pretty and colorful, but think of how easy it is to maintain a minimalist theme since it'll be easier customizing it compared to a complex theme. Setting up a minimalist theme can be as easy as 1-2-3, and in minutes, you will impress your visitors with their beauty and simplicity. A good example is the range of Elegant Themes products; they are simple and clean.

It Makes It Easy For People to Use

Minimalist WordPress themes invite people to use your site due to the fact that they are not cluttered with unnecessary information, so people will find it easy locating important links, and what is easy to find is clicked first. If you're really serious about user testing, you can use a solid A/B tester to direct half of your traffic to one version of the site and half to the other. You're likely find the outcome most of the time will be visitors staying longer on the site with most of them clicking on links that lead to other content or making purchases. Minimalist WordPress themes are perfect for showing off your content, images, and products without a lot of clutter.