I love clean web design

by Chris Maloney
Published 3-6-2013

I've always been a fan of clean designs. It probably has to do with my personality of liking things tidy and in order. When I say clean designs, I'm not even referring to clean web design exclusively. I'm referring to shirts, logos, coffee mugs...you name it. But when it comes to web design, I'm also a fan of the cleaner look. Just take a look at this website (webstasy.com) for instance.

The good thing is that clean web design is actually in style right now! A great deal of the trend is due to mobile compatibility and performance with limited internet. I can certainly appreciate the beauty of complex designs with many colors and images overlapping each other, but imagine trying to load all of those images on your cellphone with spotty 3G coverage. Now it's true that you could have a completely different mobile site that doesn't contain the complexities, but again, I find the simplest and best solution is to be considering mobile performance in the desktop versions as well.

I say that because there are other reasons to have a more simplistic approach to your web design. One of issues I see with some overeager web designers is that they forget a user is going to have to use the design to navigate at some point. Users will be looking at the design and probably trying to find certain pieces of information. If that information isn't easily found, or if the page is still loading after several seconds, you may have lost that user (customer).

And speaking of users trying to find information, with less clutter you can actually have more control of what a user does or sees on your website. This is vital when it comes to conversions. Website owners are trying to get the user to do a certain thing when a user visits their site. Many website owners don't realize this or were not made aware of that while working with another web company. That certain thing can be all sorts of stuff. The conversion point can be for the user to buy a t-shirt, fill out a form, land on a specific page, click a certain button, and on and on. So with less clutter, conversions can be achieved easier.

Interested in seeing some clean designs? Check these out. Hit us up if you're interested in getting your very own.