6 Compelling Reasons To Use WordPress for Your Website

by Chris Maloney
Published 8-26-2016

After making a decision to take your business online, one of the most important decisions you have to make is which website platform is the best. If you ask around, you will quickly learn that most people use WordPress as their preferred website publishing platform. Although it was initially known more as a blogging platform, the platform has now dominated the digital space with about 60% of all websites now powered by WordPress. 

If you are wondering whether it is suitable for you, here are a few compelling reasons why you should go the WordPress way.

Easy to set up

In the past, setting up a website required you to have advanced knowledge, or you had to use the services of a website designer. Not anymore. With WordPress, you just need an internet connection and a web browser to download the platform and set it up. 

Flexible and cost-effective

WordPress is an open source software that allows everyone to use it. When you are on a tight budget, you can still have your website up and running in no time. One of the most attractive features of WordPress is that it is extremely flexible. It comes with numerous themes that you can use to customize your site. 

Offers good website and blogging features

Considering that content is key to communicating with your clients, you will be delighted with the excellent blogging options on the platform. Search engines place a lot of emphasis on content, meaning your web pages can rank better if you fill the blog with relevant content.

The platform is mobile-friendly

A big chunk of the people accessing online information use mobile devices. You will be pleased to learn that WordPress is mobile-friendly and thus allows you to reach a larger audience. You'll just want to make sure the theme you're selecting is also mobile friendly, and fortunately most of them are these days. If you select an older theme, it might not be responsive to mobile devices. 

Consistent design

Once you settle for a theme or have one customized for you, it doesn't matter how many pages you add after that, since your design remains consistent. Traditional websites have been known to have inconsistent designs especially when more that one person works on it. Adding pages to traditional websites can also be tricky, but Wordpress will allow pages to be added with the same design from other pages. 

Has a simple backend interface

The beauty of using WordPress is that it has an easy to use backend interface. The administrator area is well organized, thus making it easy for you to effect changes.

Considering the above reasons, it is in your best interests to set up your website on WordPress since it gives you total control. You can make changes as and when you deem fit without having to look for a web designer.

The real trick is when website owners want to perform greater levels of customization. Working with an existing theme can be easy and convenient, but if you ever have the desire or need to alter the appearance significantly you'll likely want to work with a professional.