Why landing pages keep visitors online

Published 12-15-2016
Imagine you order a product online. The excitement of opening the package is quickly tempered when you discover it turns out not to be exactly what you thought it was. Alternatively, you might book a vacation or quick break; yet when you arrive, the hotel is nowhere near to the standard you were led to expect.

5 reasons to hire an online marketing expert

Published 11-3-2016
It is increasingly important for businesses to have an online presence. How well you do online will depend on your strategy and the product or service you have on offer. With most industries being highly competitive, you need to have a solid plan that will give you an edge over the competition. Many people choose to do their online marketing to save costs. While undertaking your campaigns is a practical solution, it requires high levels of expertise.

How to optimize your existing content for SEO

Published 10-3-2016
Businesses often fall into the trap of spending big bucks to revamp their content in the interests of climbing the search engine rankings. We’re here to tell you that, often, there’s a simpler and cheaper solution, and it’s called on-page optimization.

How a headline can make or break your blog post

Published 9-9-2016
Blogging is a fantastic online marketing tool. A blog can enhance your SEO efforts, direct more customers to your website, and help you build a strong social media following. But if you're blogging for your business, you need to pay extra close attention to your headlines.

6 Compelling Reasons To Use WordPress for Your Website

Published 8-26-2016
After making a decision to take your business online, one of the most important decisions you have to make is which website platform is the best. If you ask around, you will quickly learn that most people use WordPress as their preferred website publishing platform. Although it was initially known more as a blogging platform, the platform has now dominated the digital space with about 60% of all websites now powered by WordPress.

Online Marketing On a Budget

Published 8-4-2016
With more businesses going online, it is not easy getting noticed. It is even more challenging if you have a tight budget but you still want to stand out. This can especially be the case when you're just starting out with your new business idea. You don't have investors, and all you have are your own experience and personal savings. As long as you adopt smart strategies, it is possible to beat your competition and meet your marketing goals.

How Minimalist Designs Can Stand Out Above the Rest

Published 7-24-2016
You've likely already used a number of minimalist sites but didn't realize it. You probably just kept thinking to yourself, 'This site is really easy to use!'. One of the good things about minimalist themes is they keep it simple. There are many other great reasons why using minimalist WordPress themes is good for web design. But let us look at the core reasons why you should go for minimalist themes when designing your WordPress blog or business website.

Targeted Selling Through Social Media and SMS

Published 4-22-2016
Businesses today are helping their customers with SMS-based services. Services like Magic, GoButler, and others are targeting a new market of shoppers. Shopify is joining the conversation with its new platform Shopkey. It is aiming to help its businesses better serve customers via text messaging with a dedicated iOS keyboard application.