Lynn Medical

Lynn Medical

Lynn Medical is a provider of medical supplies based in Michigan. They already had a website built many years ago, but it was becoming very outdated. The owner came to me and needed a reboot of their image and wanted additional content for SEO purposes and user engagement. 

The forward facing website connects to an external e-commerce solution that handles all of the transactions, user controls for special pricing, and the massive database of thousands of products. There were several API 'hooks' I was going to need to integrate to connect with the external system seamlessly. 

We started with a super slick revamp of the logo and designed a really nice and modern interface. The old website had zero product data, so we built out pages for all of the hot products that needed to be highlighted. This would give Google bots plenty of additional content to chew on and give Lynn Medical a chance to rank for many of the devices they're selling.  

The site was built in ExpressionEngine, and I used a combination of Channels and Categories to handle the hundreds of categories and subcategories that needed to be displayed for the users. Some of the technical highlights included:

  • Heavily Organized Data: Figuring out how to arrange and include all of the categories, subcategories, and product data was a big challengenge especially when I had to have each of them dynamically connecting to an external platform as well. ExpressionEngine saved the day with it's flexible structure. 
  • Expandable Product Information: The information for each individual product needed to be added to and updated on a regular basis. The information came in the shape of PDF tech docs, images, and written content. I built out a easy interface for each of those data types to be managed in the backend, and a slick interface for users to retrieve on the front end. 
  • API Connections: The third party interface needed several connections including user login status, product linking, search bar integration, and category linking. All of this work was performed in order for the user to be unaware or un-hindered by the fact they were bouncing from what was essentially 2 different websites. 


Keywords: E-commerce, Website design, Website development, ExpressionEngine, Custom API