Barista Parlor

Barista Parlor

Barista Parlor is a retro coffee shop located in Nashville, TN that serves specialty coffee drinks and gourmet food offerings. They were primarily using social media and a landing page to represent themselves online, but it was time to upgrade to something more powerful. Barista Parlor wanted a slick new website, but they also wanted to be able to sell coffee and merchandise. In addition, they wanted the ability to sell wholesale coffee to suppliers.

I worked with Proof Branding, a creative agency in Nashville, to build out the new e-commerce website. The design was going to include fancy javascript animations, CSS transitions, and of course a responsive front end. Some of the highlights include:

  • E-commerce Integration: I chose Shopify for the e-commerce integration due to it's slick and feature rich interface. We were also going to need to integrate with a Wholesale platform which Shopify would be able to do for us.

  • Responsive Framework: I used Timber, a front end kit for Shopify, for my framework. It comes with a responsive grid system, numerous helper classes, and lots of ways to customize the view based on the window size.
  • Animations: There were a variety of animations present such as the hover effect on the product and category images for which I used CSS3 to accomplish. The top of the 'Our Craft' page was actually a slideshow where I loaded up all of the images and then displayed them one at at time very quickly to simulate pouring.

Keywords: Shopify, E-commerce, Wholesale