The Kind Cake

The Kind Cake

The Kind Cake is a startup company invented by Joanna Gaston. The idea was to sell tasty cupcakes that were both gluten and wheat free. The real magic is that each of the cupcakes have a label displaying a random act of kindness. This of course has netted Joanna plenty of recognition and PR.

Joanna came to me and needed a platform on which to sell the cupcakes as well as manage blog entries. The solution we came up with was my favorite e-commerce solution, Shopify.

The build was fairly straightforward as I was able to let Shopify's pre-built functions and layouts to do most of the magic. I needed to write some custom CSS to get the design tweaked like we wanted as well as some javascript for additional functionality.

Joanna was super happy with how everything turned out, and I was happy to have wrapped another Shopify site.

Keywords: Shopify, E-commerce