Thornton's is a popular gas station and convenience store chain based in Kentucky with locations across the south and midwest. Their old site wasn't too bad, but it was a little clunky, difficult to manage, and did not function correctly on mobile devices.

The total project time lasted quite a while at over a 18 months! We had numerous design cycles with the desinger, Brianna Reed, to get everything hammered out, but once the design was all finished and approved the development stage happened fairly quickly.

I built the website on the ExpressionEngine platform. The design was nice and clean, and it had a combination of static content pages, food/drink items that needed regular updating, and news articles. Some of the highlights included:

  • Careers: Thornton's wanted a nice careers section that could easily be added to, so I built out an special area in the back end for both employment opportunities as well as success stories for the employees. I used a slick ajax interface to view the success stories as well as the static content pages.
  • Location Finder: I built out and customized a location finder application that connected with Google Maps. The map would automatically find a user's location, and the display the nearest Thornton's locations. A user could also click the 'Directions' link to pull up Google Map directions to the store of their choosing.
  • Mobile App API Thornton's uses a mobile app for their customers to be able to view the latest information and offerings. I needed to setup a special API link within ExpressionEngine that could easily be updated by the admin user.
  • Custom Tweets: The marketing team wanted to highlight specific tweets from their twitter accounts, so I built out a section in the footer of the website to display the tweets in a slick way. It was easily managed in the back end, and they could publish/unpublish with the click of a button

Even though their old website wasn't in too bad of shape, the new one we built really gave Thornton's a breath of fresh air and functionality.

Keywords: ExpressionEngine, Website Design, Website Development