Southeast Financial

Southeast Financial

Southeast Financial is a loan broker that specializes in recreational vehicle loans. They have exclusive dealer partners located all across the US. Their current website was starting to look extremely outdated and of course it was completely broken on mobile devices. They needed a reboot quickly to keep up with the highly competitive market.

One of the challenges was the shear volume of content that needed to be presented. Southeast Financial provides vehicle loans for RVs, horse trailers, standard trailers, boats, motorcyles, and many variations in between. There was page after page of vehicle related content that needed to be incorporated, legal information, blogging, warranty info and heavy use of calls to action to direct the user to apply for a loan.

I worked with Sean Furr to come up with a killer new design that was going to blow away the competition. The design looked beautiful and it made great use of beautiful photography provided to us by the vendors.

The website was built on the ExpressionEngine platform, and I created a number of custom jQuery functions for animations and on the fly calculations. Some of the features include:

  • Sticky top menu: It was important to keep the various unit types in the user's minds, so I created a sticky menu for the different types of vehicles. If you notice when you scroll down on the home page, the unit types stick to the top menu for the long home page.
  • Home page animations: We wanted the home page to look interactive, so a number of custom animations were created such as the vehicle hover animation and the 3 module animation above the video
  • Loan Calculator: Everybody looking for a loan is going to want to know how much it's going to cost each month. I wrote a custom javascript function to calculate monthly payments on the fly when a finance amount, term, and APR was entered. It was surprisingly tricky!
  • Mobile Compatible: As usual I used Twitter's Bootstrap framework to create a responsive design for the website. I trimmed down a lot of the complexities of the design to both look good and perform correctly when viewed on a mobile device.

Southeast Financial was very pleased with the finished product, and we successfully launched a great finished product to launch them into the next level.

Keywords: Website design, ExpressionEngine, Website development